About Us


CEO & President

After previously suffering from anxiety and stress, Mr. Vardas has learned to cope and train his brain with biofeedback.  He now has combined technologies to develop a device for anyone to enjoy the benefits of biofeedback.




Senior Advisor

Angel is a business professional with years of experience in the medical device industry.  She is the CEO of Catchwind Pediatric Innovations and is passionate in improving the lives of children worldwide. 





Senior Advisor

Ben Bowman has over 15 years of experience leading companies through all stages of growth and renewal. Ben is especially respected for his ability to apply lean startup methodologies across companies and disparate industries. Ben was the Founding CEO of General Blood, the first of it's kind online marketplace for donated human blood products.



Senior Advisor

Royce is a former NBA player and the CEO of Anxious Minds, Inc., an organization dedicated to the global acceptance and progress of mental health. He has gained considerable support in the health community by publicly advocating for mental health acknowledgement and parity. He continues to use his public platform to candidly speak about his personal experience with generalized anxiety disorder.


Head of Technical Advisory Board


Dr. Peper is an internationally known expert on biofeedback, holistic health, technostress and stress management.