Our Vision

Initially, we plan to introduce the product to the meditation community. After proving the technology, we will market the product to individuals with anxiety, ADHD and insomnia. The notoriety gained from the mental health community will boost the popularity of the wearable for a larger demographic with generalized stress. Our first version of the product will not need FDA approval and will strictly be a consumer product. Following the initial product, we will take all profits and invest them into research and development, along with full clinical studies (White Paper), for a specifically designed patient band. We are looking to customize our bands for pediatrics and several mental disorders.


We believe using biofeedback and less prescription medicine will lower healthcare costs and grant users the ability to take control of their own health. Using our product will enable more natural human capabilities to life, help reduce addiction for certain medication, reduce costs to consumers and insurance companies and help improve the quality of life for the user.